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For the Post-Corona New World

For the Post-Corona New World

PM Konnectors is a Toronto-based international consulting firm. We deliver value through a wide range of innovative business solutions:

  • Managing Sustainable Change 
  • Helping Organizations Become Distributed Workplaces
  • Employee Advisory services 
  • Professional Development
  • Quality Resource Placements
  • Agile Project Management, Governance, and Readiness 
  • Keynote Speaking
  • Micro, Virtual and e-Learning 


For the Post-Corona New World

For the Post-Corona New World

For the Post-Corona New World

We are waking up to a new world.

It is time to build competencies to better deal with the new upcoming challenges we are facing - distributed teams, virtual leadership and communication, and a pressing need for collaboration and efficiencies. 

It is easy to say that this is not the time to work on improvements, but there is really never a good time to be proactive and deal with tomorrow's problem. In fact, this argument is a syndrome of our conduct – that we are systematically reactive, that we deal with yesterday's challenges and that we are never in a proper position to tackle new challenges.  


Creating Value

For the Post-Corona New World

Creating Value

 At PM Konnectors, we specialize in measuring capacity, introducing efficiencies, setting priorities and establishing collaboration. 

 We offer help packages:

1. New ways of dealing with organizational change

2. Building pointed communication with less redundancies 

3. Developing virtual leadership competencies 

4. Helping organizations convert into distributed workplaces 

5. Managing projects effectively and efficiently 

 Our approach to value creation is to focus on the people - our most important competitive advantage. 

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