Our Services

Training and Development


In Collaboration with our business partners, we offer top-quality training programs in the following areas:

  • Project Management (all aspects, including project recovery and PMO)
  • Agile (including agile business analysis)
  • Business Analysis (including PM-BA collaboration)
  • Organizational Agility, Productivity, Efficiency and Time Management
  • Leadership and Organizational Change 
  • Sponsorship and Governance 
  • Exam Preparations (PMP, CAPM, PMI-PBA, CBAP, PMI-ACP)


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Consulting and Value Creation


We help organizations adopt agile methods, identify and articulate the true needs, deliver solutions that work, introduce efficiencies, and streamline processes. We do it through transparency, simplicity and a meaningful partnership with our clients.

Services include:

  • All aspects of project management
  • Establishing, running and recovering PMOs; including agile alignment
  • Project recovery
  • Business analysis
  • Process Improvements 
  • Team collaboration, communication improvements and productivity 
  • Agile projects; readiness; and governance
  • Leading successful and sustainable change
  • Performing skills assessment for project managers and business analysts
  • Establishing project health measures and quality management 
  • Facilitation services 


Advisory Services


This unique services helps team members deal with growing workload, project and team issues and challenges with performance and expectations management.

In a cost-effective format that is more practical than training, and more nimble and hands-on than consulting, we provide meaningful practical help in real time, on demand. 

For scheduling, prioritization, conflict, risks, cross functional collaboration,  communication challenges, organizational change and uncertainty.

Through conversation, constructive guidance and discussion – help team members find ways to improve performance and explore constructive, effective and efficient courses of action. 

 Benefits: 1-2-3: (1) Less time to explain and clarify (for manager); (2) Less questions and ambiguity (by resources) – meet goals faster; (3) Increased productivity and success for the organization. In addition – team growth, tangible return, visible, collaborative approach; improved performance, satisfaction, morale and retention.  

How: start with sponsorship overview workshop (1/2 day). Service is administered by an umbrella contract that is activated on-demand based on services used. 

Service Tiers: 

1. By Email (reply by the end of next business day) 

2. Webex/Go-To-Meeting/Phone (schedule by short notice, within the day) 

3. In person (schedule specific times for support (e.g., weekly) – remotely or in person

The goal: reduce future use of the service for duplication, as the knowledge database will help the organization and team improve and grow. 


Speaking and Keynote


If you are in need of a speaker for a corporate event, conference, chapter, or association event, look no further. We are here to help.

Our president, Ori Schibi, brings years of experience in project management, IT, strategy formulation, change management, organizational alignment, adult education and facilitation.

His delivery style is engaging, entertaining, capturing and memorable. It incorporates real life experiences, dynamic style and a touch of humor, while providing the ability to articulate and simplify complex concepts.

We deliver sessions in a wide variety of topics; including tailored session: 

  • For governments organizations 
  • For Professional Services Firms
  • For Associations and not-for-profit
  • For Executives
  • For Corporations (i.e. IT, Financials, Telecoms, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Utilities)
  • For conferences
  • For corporate events and retreats