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Managing Stakeholder Expectations for Project Success

 A Knowledge Integration Framework and Value Focused Approach
ISBN: 9781604270860
This desk reference offers new ways of managing and dealing with projects, which focus more on communications, understanding stakeholders’ needs and managing their expectations, as well as learning about organizational politics and culture, and performing value-add activities.
Managing Stakeholder Expectations for Project Success offers a practical approach to managing those things that matter most for project success–communication, stakeholder expectations, risk, change and quality, so that the scope, schedule and cost end up on target as well as the project’s intended benefits for the organization. 

The book was nominated for the 2013 PMI David I. Cleland
​Project Management Literature Award

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Effective PM-BA Role Collaboration

Delivering Business Value Through Projects and Programs Successfully

This innovative guide shows how the Business Analyst (BA) role can be executed in collaboration with the Project or Program Manager (PM) role, to produce higher quality products, requirements and higher success rates, with solutions that deliver business value and products and services that better satisfy stakeholder and customer needs. It evaluates the PM and BA roles current contrasting perceptions, and defines the roles they should fulfill. 

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Upcoming in September 2018: Agile Business Analysis

The book discusses trends in business analysis and in agile environments and how these two areas aligned and promote each other, and identifies areas of responsibility and ownership for the BA. 

It triggers readers to review the role of the BA in their environments and what it will take to ensure value creation in agile environments, through the introduction of business analysis skills into the agile project processes and activities.    

The book is designed for BAs of all levels, from all types of environments, and for agile practitioners, including Scrum Masters, Coaches, Project Managers, Product Owners and technical team members –who can produce benefit for the project from effectively engaging the BAs and establishing clear boundaries and rules of engagement with those who act as BAs.  

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Managing Stakeholder Expectations

PM-BA Role Collaboration

Agile Business Analysis

Contact the co-author of the book, our President - Ori Schibi - for more information about the book.